Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 - Last Real Week Of Class... What's Next?

Mechatronics AM Class (PM Welcome)
Tuesday, May 269:15 – 9:45am

Mechatronics PM (AM Welcome)
Tuesday, May 261:00 – 1:30pm


1) Mr Burnham Saying Hi with some updates (sorry, I did not get my mic in the right spot...)

Do a Flipgrid

  • Say Hi to Future Mechatronics Engineering Students - Think "Recruitment Video"
    1. Say Hi and your First Name - Not your LAST Name "Hi, my name is Jim... "
    2. Did you like the Mechatronics Class? Why?
    3. What was the hardest or most challenging project or topic
    4. What did you like the BEST? (it can be the same topic as question #3)
    5. If could tell a future Mechatronics student how they should get ready, and what to focus on to get the most out of the class, what would that advice be?

3) Special Instructions or Announcements:
  • Check out what up-coming Events <way out of Date>

    4) Python LABs 

    • Lab#1 Reading more stuff

      • Challenge #1: Using regular expressions, read the "open", "high" and "low" price for the day
      • Challenge #2 add input('enter a ticker symbol ') and make it so you can enter a ticker symbol and create a program that will find the stock you enter... this is hard... I can't get it to work yet... I'm close... but can't do it yet... search for "how to use variables in regular expressions"  this may help

      5) Ben Eater's 8 Bit Computer

      OK, we will spend Wednesday this week at 9:15 and 2:00 to focus on the "Next Steps" for the 8 Bit Computer and what you should be working on.   Basically find the place you are in the flow in the 8 bit Computer Build Page from Focus on Foundations page and keep working. It is best to use the Focus on Foundations SLACK channel to ask for support questions... this way me, Randy, or any other students can help you.  Just post your question in the right channel.

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