Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - Keep working on Python Class

Special Instructions or Announcements:

Do The Following TODAY - You may have 5 things to do..
Info Video for today March 23

0) Virtual Taking Roll - Go to the Google Assignment in the Classroom check the Roll Assignment for today

1) CHECK your @metroed.net emails every day... That is where much of the school communication is going. 

2) Python 
2.1) Did You Get In The Cisco Python Class?
Keep working on Module 2 of the Python class.  I'll have a lab and quiz for you on Module 1 and Module 2 tomorrow, due Wed.  Please make sure you can get in to the cisco python class and start working on the module 1 and 2.  Wed I'll have a quiz and labs

If you feel you are good with quick review of the information in Module 1 and 2, then you can go to Repl.it and see if you can get this input code working... I'm sure it's doable, I just have not done it... I'm going to be figuring it out today...

nam = input('Who are you? ') 
print('Welcome', nam)

  • Instructions & Expectations: If you have problems, Please take a look at this Python Class Sign In presentation.  If you gave me a personal email, then you should have got a new account invite.  If you did not give me a personal email, then I used your @metroed.net email and you may have just got a notification of the class enrollment... just try the link and use your @metroed.net email.
  • There is a Google Assignment in the stream to let me know.  
  • Email me or call me  jburnham@metroed.net  we can setup a google hangouts call if you are having issues.
3) Read and ask me questions
4) Can you log in to the job ready skills site (this will be your @metroed account)
Please start working on 5 new lessons.  You can pick any lesson in the 5 units.  I'll be able to see your progress.  You need to get a 75% or better.  There will be 5 lessons due each week.  You can do them all in one day or spread them out... just do 5 each week

8 Bit Computer
Randy and I will start posting specific information and videos to watch, so stay tuned, I'll try to get you more guidance later today.

but if you feel like you know where to start or what you are doing, keep working. I hope there is a quiet place in your house where you can setup the 8 bit computer and leave it out.  If not, please try to keep everything together, it's easy to lose all the small parts.
You can always play with the logicly tool and work to understand AND, OR gate logic.

Still need to do this?

A) STEM Magazine - Pick an Article from this issues and write about it.  200 words or more.
March STEM Magazine

  • What article did you pick?
  • Why did you pick it? What cough your interest?
  • What Engineering skills are needed to for this topic you picked?
  • What will you go and research to learn more?
B) FLIP Grid
  • If you have not done this "Say Hi" Flipgrid, Please do.
  • Randy is willing to Pay for a good Viral Corona Virus PSA (pun intended) This can be 3 min long.  You can do them on Flip Grid, and he will offer some prizes for all of them, but will select the best in each category, and you could win up to $200.  Think, "What do people need to know or do to protect themselves from the Corona Virus"  it can't be just "Wash Your Hands".  If can be a video we can share, or a flier we can print and put up at grocery stores...  Don't say your last name, or school, or any other location identifying information.  Flipgrid link https://flipgrid.com/854d1041  - Ask me questions about this

    Helpful Links

    We will also be using the following tools.
    Google Class Room


    Python Development Tools
    https://repl.it/~  (I'll have a lesson soon on using this)

    Slack Channel

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