Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thursday August 22 2019 - Open Lab Blog, Instructables and Udemy - Series Circuits

Entry Ticket - Why do we like robots more when they mess up?
  • Assignment - Duration: 15 Min
  • Link: Why do we like robots more when they mess up?
  • Instructions & Expectations: Watch the short video at the top of this link... NOT the TED talk, just the short video at the top of the page.  Then read the article and think about the following questions.  If you look closely at the video, I honestly think the robot was acting the fool on purpose... just to trick us into complacency... 
    • After Watching the Video, do you think the robot was trolling us, and was making a mistake on purpose?
    • Do we like robots better when they make mistakes? Why?
    • Should robots be allowed to make mistakes or fail? Why or why not?
  • How to Submit Assignment: Go to your Google Classroom and answer the question - 100 Points
  • Dig Deeper: - Meet Spot, the robot dog that can run, hop and open doors | Marc Raibert

  • EXTRA Credit: First Student find the AnswerIf you can find out from the Interweb why the Udemy search is not showing the free classes.  If you can find information on this I;ll give you 20 points extra credit... if you can find instructions on how to solve the issue, and it works I'll give you 80 more points.- Turn in an Open Lab Blog Post

Mechatronics Engineering Plan For Today:
  • Entry Ticket 
  • Stuff... communication with me...
  • AC-DC Electronics - Series Circuits
  • Open Lab - Robot Club
  • Clean Up

AC-DC Electronics

    TBD - This Means I May Change The Plan....
    Open Lab 
    • LAB - Duration: 60 Min
    • Link: Robot Club Google Sites
    • Instructions & Expectations: Connect with your Robot Club Team.  You will either be working on your Robot Project or an Open Lab Project.  
      • You will need to account for your time. You will need to convince me by your form submission that you worked given the time allotted. 
      • You worked on an Open Lab Project, So you will also need to tell me about what you accomplished and what you are planning next.
    • How to Submit Assignment:   Each Student needs to account for your time.  
      Clean Up
      • Assignment - Duration: 2-10 Min
      • Instructions & Expectations: Desk cleanup, put away all projects, find your assigned job
      • How to Submit Assignment: When Complete, check yourself off on Sign Out Sheet - 10 Points

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