Monday, November 5, 2018

Monday November 5, 2018 - FlexFactor and some Code...

Mechatronics Engineering Google Site
Special Instructions:

Entry Ticket
  • Instructions & Expectations: Clean up around your Table.  Pickup any stray stuff under your table.  Use the Wipes to wipe down your table

Mechatronics Engineering Plan For Today:
  • Entry Ticket - Clean up a bit
  • Flex Factor and Evergreen Registration
  • Stuff
  • Clean Up

Flex Factor and Evergreen Registration
  • Lecture/Presentation - Duration: 30 Min
  • Instructions & Expectations: Listen and take notes on the Video by Nick on Career Readiness
Let's Talk a bit more about Flex Factor
  • LAB - Duration: 20 Min
Clean Up
  • Assignment - Duration: 15 Min
  • Instructions & Expectations: Desk cleanup, put away all projects, find your assigned job
  • How to Submit Assignment: When Complete, check yourself off on Sign Out Sheet - 2 Points


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