Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wednesday August 29, 2018 - More Presentations, Algorithms and Solder

Entry Ticket - Finish Your Presentation
  • Instructions & Expectations: If you are not done with your presentation, finish.  If you are spend a few minutes practicing, and then you can do TinkerCAD, Instructables, Udemy for a few minutes 
AM Mechatronics:
  • Entry Ticket - Finish Your Presentation
  • Presentation Time
  • Algorithms & Flow Charts 
  • Solder Lab
  • Clean Up

Presentation Time
Algorithms & Flow Chart Lesson
  • Assignment - Duration: 30-40 Min
  • Link: Algorithms & Flow Charts
  • Instructions & Expectations: It's a lecture, so probably take some notes
  • How to Submit Assignment: Take Notes if needed
Solder Lab (finish your 5-6 solder end 2 end joints)
Clean Up
  • Assignment - Duration: 15 Min
  • Instructions & Expectations: Desk cleanup, put away all projects, find your assigned job
  • How to Submit Assignment: When Complete, check yourself off on Sign Out Sheet - 2 Points


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